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About Mud Fest


Mud Fest, formerly known as the Foster Mud Flats and Mountain Mud Festival, is our well known four wheel drive event in Sweet Home, Oregon. From an outsider's point of view the event could look like nothing more than a muddy free-for-all. Nevertheless, when digging deep into the heart of Mud Fest, it is easy to see the admirable results that our muddy play day offers its participants, the sport, and the community. What began as an association play day over 40 years ago has now evolved into a widespread demanded event that we are very proud of.

Mud Flats

Our event began as the Foster Mud Flats at the Foster Reservoir in Foster, Oregon near Sweet Home. The event was held on the gooey lake bottom after it had been drained for the winter. The Foster Mud Flats offered large bog holes, a drag strip, and miles of soupy mud. It was impossible to leave the event without something being muddy, if not everything including yourself. Nevertheless, times changed and in 2001 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers refused to grant a permit to hold our event on Corp property. Frustrated, but not willing to give up tradition, we looked elsewhere for property to hold our event.

Mountain Mud Festival

Our organization then found private property on Berlin Road in Sweet Home to hold our highly demanded event. Permits were granted at this alternate location and the 2001 event, known as the Mountain Mud Festival, was held without missing a single year. Although the terrain of the original Foster Mud Flats can't be recreated, this new location offered its own greatness. The Mountain Mud Festival offered a drag strip, obstacle course, rock crawl, bog holes, and a hill climb.

Mud Fest

In 2010, our event was held at yet another new location on private property in Sweet Home, Oregon and again evolved. This current location has the same basic format as past events and proved to be an exciting combination of the Mud Flats and Mountain Mud Festival. It possesses some of the most popular individual events that the Mountain Mud Festival offered and has more opportunity for the soupy, gooey mud that the Foster Mud Flats had. The event, usually the first Saturday in March, attracts thousands of attendees and their vehicles. The vehicles range from stock and mild to full out wild. Although no awards are given to those with the fastest time or most wins, bragging rights are declared just to be challenged at an upcoming event.

Event Details

Entrance into the event requires an authentic Mud Fest ticket. Tickets will be scanned and replicated tickets will be confiscated. Tickets are per person, not per vehicle, and are for event entrance. Once inside the event, attendees can choose to be participants, spectators, or both. Bleachers are available on site for spectator use. Children 8 years of age and under are free. If age is a question, identification may be required. Tickets usually go on sale one month prior to the event, typically the first Saturday in February, and sell out fast. Individuals wanting to purchase tickets are encouraged to be prompt and start trying as soon as tickets go on sale. A concession area is available at the event for food and event merchandise. Emergency/first aid and bathrooms are also available. Attendees are expected to follow the laws of the road at all times, especially while waiting to gain entrance into the event. This includes not littering, disturbing the peace (neighbors, other motorists, etc…), or blocking traffic. All attendees must sign release forms before entering the event. Mud Fest is a 4WD vehicle event only. No 2WD vehicles, ATV’s, UTV’s, motorcycles, semi’s (2WD or 4WD), or tractor trailers (2WD or 4WD) are allowed. Overnight camping, fires, alcohol, controlled substances, and weapons are also not allowed. To keep the roads safe, all muddy vehicles must be washed off prior to exiting the event at designated wash stations on site. A hand stamp and ticket stub is required for re-entry. Tow hooks on tow vehicles are highly recommended. Towing vehicles into and around the event site is highly likely, especially for vehicles towing trailers, and are asked to please come prepared. Rules must be followed to ensure future events. Individuals non compliant with the rules may have their ticket revoked and be ejected from the event at the discretion of event staff. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any one at our discretion. Event attendees are required to read and familiarize themselves with the rules prior to the event. A complete list of rules can be found on our website via the “Rules” link.